And yes, this goes for what you say to yourself as well as what you say to others!

MINDFUL living includes self-compassion and kindness. Nothing good or uplifting has every been accomplished through mean-spirited self or other directed criticism. Yes, there is “constructive criticism” which is meant ultimately to uplift-and teach.

If you note that the “criticism” you experience leads to “good”, then you know it is “coming from the right place’ and is what we call “constructive criticism.”

If you feel badly and “put down”, something has gone wrong-either because of your PERFECTIONISM or someone really is being mean spirited to you. As our awareness grows, we begin to decipher “what is what” and then we can begin to make changes in our lives.

Equines set boundaries, teach and send signals. Criticism is not part of their lives. They lead very “mindful” lives and have much to teach us in how to have these more alert, mindful and compassionate lives.

They experience feelings much like our own-they make best friends, have families, depend on their herds for safety and companionship-and “have each others back.” Let’s all “have each others backs” more often. Come to DnD and learn how to live in mindful, healthy ways.