Yes, depression is both a “cognitive” disorder as well as a “mood” disorder. How many times have I pointed out to my patients that “that is your depression talking.” Usually these thoughts can be identified if you note the lack of KINDNESS that is inherent in the thought. If you experienced regular and on-going self-critical thoughts, this may be YOUR depression talking. Awareness of “which part of you” is operating-which part is “speaking to you” is the beginning of the healing experience.

Depression stems from both “nature” and “nurture.” Some folks are more prone to this experience because of heredity issues and some more from “nurture” issues-and some clearly from both. Regardless of the etiology of your depression, there is HELP and you can change. EAP is a perfect “change agent” for depression. There is so much to learn and so much healing to be had when you add equines to your experience. My hope is that everyone will be able to experience the healing powers of EAP.